About Us


Hi, I’m Bea Werner..


My brother, Bart Werner, and I own and run Whahoo, an Australian based company that publishes unique, personalised horoscopes in hard cover book form (and PDF).


We inherited our interest in astrology from my mother. Over the years I completed several astrology courses and did hundreds of charts for friends and family. It proved to be a passion that stayed with me throughout my long career in advertising.

So, perhaps the best way to introduce myself is to give you an astrological perspective! Born on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces, I combine traits of both signs. Inventiveness and originality are two of these characteristics (ones that probably served me well in my business career). These traits are linked to intuition and sensitivity – and the genuine belief that everyone can have their needs met. And my moon in Scorpio gives me passion, energy and creativity, together with a certain moodiness!

I retired from advertising in 2008. This gave me the time to start an astrology website. I based it on my idea of producing detailed, personal horoscopes for babies and children. And publishing them as hard cover books – real keepsakes, that last a lifetime.


My wish is that the Whahoo Horoscope will give you new insights into the character and potential of a special child in your life. I hope the book will play an ongoing part in helping him or her develop in the best and safest way – and have loads of fun in the process!