FAQ about Whahoo Books

Why Whahoo? What makes Whahoo the best?

The Whahoo Horoscope Books are different from other horoscopes, because:

  • We use the Sun, what most people would call their star sign, only as support for the position of the Moon. The position of the Moon has a greater influence on newborn children than the Sun. This way you get a  really good, reliable and accurate picture.
  • The Whahoo Baby and Child Horoscope is of very good quality: a well-designed and personalised hardcover book that lasts a lifetime. There is also a PDF printout available.
  • You can personalise your Whahoo hard cover Horoscope with as many pictures of the baby as you like (max. 25) and your own special foreword or dedication.
  • We offer you a unique product of superior quality at a really fair price. Also see Products & Prices

I don’t know the exact time of birth, is that a problem?

When we talk about exact time of birth, we mean the time of birth plus or minus 5 minutes. Of course you can make an estimation of the time of birth, but this will influence the description of personality characteristics, as the Moon is relatively fast-moving and the ascendant (Rising Sun) will not be accurate. For an accurate and reliable horoscope, an accurate time of birth is essential.

How can I obtain the exact time of birth?

Your local State Register of Births, Deaths & Marriages can provide you with an extract of the birth register, which contains the time of birth. Also, the hospital where the child was born might be able to help you.

I don’t know the place of birth of the child, is that a problem?

Just as in the case of the exact time, for a reliable and accurate horoscope, the location is very important. It doesn’t have to be accurate to the meter and a deviation of anything up to 10 kilometers is not a problem.

My son/daughter is not a baby anymore; can I order a Whahoo Horoscope anyway?

Of course! A horoscope is lovely to have together with all the new baby photos, but during the toddler years and as your child grows up and develops it is just as interesting and perhaps even more useful. We can make horoscopes for children up to 12 years of age as long as we receive the information we need.

How about handling, packaging and postage costs?

We deliver the book(s) well packed and personal

  • The costs for a small book are A$ 12.50
    • Every additional book (with the same specifications) to the same address A$ 2.50
  • The costs for a large book are A$ 17.50
    • Every additional book (with the same specifications) to the same address A$ 7.50

How long does it take to receive my order?

  • You will receive the PDF version within 3 working days after receipt of your payment.
  • You will receive the Whahoo Horoscope Book within 15 working days after receipt of your payment (also depending on Australia Post).

Can I get my Whahoo Horoscope in a language other than English?

Unfortunately, this is not (yet) possible.

How can I reach Whahoo?

You can reach us using our contact form. We will respond to your email within 8 hours.