Although most people are familiar with the concept of the Sun sign, a child expresses the qualities of the Moon sign more than the Sun sign during the earliest years. That’s because the Moon tells the story of feelings and pure emotion. So you might see more qualities that relate to this factor during early childhood. Expressing the Sun requires more self-awareness, and that develops later! Developmental Astrology incorporates the basic concepts of astrology within the framework of the early years of life.

The Moon goes through the entire Zodiac within its 28 day cycle and enters a new Zodiac sign approximately every 2,5 days.

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Below in short what the Moon in a specific sign means for a child.



The Moon in the various signs



Moon in Aries

Your child needs plenty of room to play, since with the Moon in Aries it feels more secure when given independence and healthy challenges. Setting rules may be difficult and parents and caretakers alike will need to be especially watchful, since this child is a born adventurer and will quickly take advantage if given too much freedom too soon.




Moon in Taurus

The Moon in Taurus creates a strong need for stability. Your baby feels best when the environment is predictable and recognisable. Accepting new things can be difficult. (You may even notice this early on, when introducing new foods in baby’s diet.) Expect an obstinate attitude, but encourage focus.




Moon in Gemini

Even before your baby can talk, you will notice that it seems to enjoy communicating. After all, there’s more to communication than words. With the Moon in Gemini, children need variety and intellectual interactions with others. Reading, storytelling and conversation can be self-affirming and can give your child a real sense of fitting in.




Moon in Cancer

Your baby needs plenty of time in somebody’s arms, since its security needs are extremely important. It is the Moon in Cancer that drives this powerful urge to feel protected and cuddled. A change in environment can feel threatening, so carrying a familiar item can give emotional security. (These are the “blankie”-carrying toddlers!) Later, however, this child might be the one that takes care of other kids in the family, or the one friends turn to for support.


Moon in Leo

Children with the Moon in Leo just love to be the center of attention. However, there will be times when your baby will not enjoy being in the limelight and may therefore also stubbornly resist this. And, when this child wants something, you’ll certainly know it!

Moon in Virgo

The Moon in Virgo indicates that your child demands organised, well-run surroundings. It will feel best in a sparkling clean environment and is likely to be very particular about its diet. However, your child likes to stay busy too – so if there are plenty of games, puzzles, models and books around, that fastidious energy can be put into these activities.


Moon in Libra

Your baby is a social creature. With the Moon in Libra your baby is happiest and feels most secure when someone else is around. Emotional stability may be partly derived from another person, and decisions are more easily made when confirmed by others (even if it’s only a knowing nod).


Moon in Scorpio

Children with a Scorpio Moon can be difficult to figure out sometimes. They love to be in the presence of others, but don’t like excessive attention. There can be a deep-rooted affection for Mother and a powerful emotional sensitivity towards others. Your child can have trouble distinguishing whose emotions are most important and may respond quite strongly when there are high levels of emotional tension.


Moon in Sagittarius

With the Moon in Sagittarius your child likes to be on the go. Restraints will not be appreciated, but keeping a close watch may be! Given lots of room, time in natural surrounds and ample opportunity to explore, your baby will be happiest. Confirm your child’s intellectual growth and positively reward learning to build its self-confidence and security.



Moon in Capricorn

Your baby likes a steady course and reliable circumstances. With the Moon in Capricorn, the security of your child depends upon consistency. Your child functions best when it knows the well-defined rules. If there are inconsistent rules, your child may just make them himself.




Moon in Aquarius

Your child loves sociable and mentally stimulating circumstances. He or she can have an especially profound mental and intuitive tie with Mother. Friendships will be important, even at a very early age, but your child also needs room to develop self-reliance and independence, since there is usually an intuitive sense of how to get help if needed.


Moon in Pisces

A child with the Moon in Pisces may seem quite peaceful. However, do not interpret “quiet” to mean “secure”. (It could be the “if I close my eyes and can’t see trouble, then trouble can’t see me either” concept at work!) Your child can be highly sensitive emotionally and can be easily upset if circumstances are too disruptive or unsettling. As a young child, saying goodbye to Mummy can be frightening and may be accompanied by great wailing. Yet your child can also become attached to the baby-sitter! Watch out for drama!