the Perfect gift


A personalised baby or children's horoscope book is an original baby gift, that serves as a unique keepsake that can mark the birthday of a special child and will fascinate for years.


The Australian company Whahoo produces personalised baby horoscopes in the form of a hard cover books, with photos of the baby/child on the cover and in the book. It could just be the perfect answer to the anguish of choosing a gift for that special new family member, or best friend's baby. It ticks all the boxes: personal, unique, thoughtful, meaningful and enduring. Your biggest problem might be how to follow up this triumph of gift-selection next time round!



Parenting guide


Whahoo doesn’t try to make predictions. A Whahoo baby horoscope book is so fascinating because it gives a detailed description of the baby’s personality. It's the first baby horoscope based on Moon profiles. This is an astrological approach that gives a unique insight into both the character of a child and the best way to bring out the best in him or her. It is this aspect of a baby horoscope that makes it such a useful guide for parents as they bring up their child. The very reliable Whahoo horoscope can be produced for newborn babies as well as for children up to the age of 12.



And a totally unique and personal gift


Each Baby Horoscope Book is as unique as the baby or child for whom it is specially made - and because it’s such a thoughtful and original gift, it’s also personal to you. It is based on an accurate, astrological birth chart that uses the unique date, time and place of birth of the child. His or her name appears frequently throughout the book. We also integrate about 15 - 20 of your on photos into the book. And you can include your personal foreword or message.